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This is a full blown development project from concept to design to creation. While it isn’t for an actual client this project, still in progress showcases skills in PHP, CSS, PHOTOSHOP, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT, HTML and COURSE DEVELOPMENT. It uses a design template with customizations to it. The main website converts to a mobile interface that emulates an app, which makes for a nice presence. The purpose of this project is to create a technological model for educational institutions that may be interested.

Below are screen shots of various internal segments of the website including what students see when they take a quiz, course progress and even prints out a school branded certificate. You can test functionality of this site using a demo user account (upon request).

Dallas Technical Institute Education Portal


The training section is responsive and greets the user when logged in. It includes development of written online content, video screen-casts and illustration to train students in web technology and media. The website curriculum is being developed in a style conducive to students learning in a simplified manner. Curriculum will also conform to Career Center or Continuing Education standards in order to provide the best training experience for the learner. Students will be able to register and pay online for courses.

Instructors can manage student course activity, enrollment, grades and course content. They also have the ability to add resource materials as attachments to the lessons. Click on the image to view the training portal of the site.

Dallas Technical Institute Education Portal



Quiz Sample Question & Responses

Dallas Technical Institute Education Portal Quiz


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