Meyers Briggs Type Indicator: ENFP

ENFPs are warm, enthusiastic people, typically very bright and full of potential. They live in the world of possibilities, and can become very passionate and excited about things. Their enthusiasm lends them the ability to inspire and motivate others, more so than we see in other types. They can talk their way in or out of anything. They love life, seeing it as a special gift, and strive to make the most out of it.  Read more


Published Work: A Small Business Guide To Google Search Engine Marketing

I have been able to effortlessly rank pages at the top of Google.  This book is a compilation of techniques and advice I share with clients when working on projects.  My design philosophy is to consider marketing your website at the very beginning in order to keep from having to perform redesign changes later.


One of the tools you will use is Google. Your first assignment is to set up a Google gmail account if you have not already. A good practice is to set up the account using an email address like “” or “” Use this email account to sign up for all of your other web services. This allows you to locate all of your web related accounts in one place. After you set up the gmail account, while still logged into Google, set up all of the other Google services such as . . .