About Rhonda Clark

Full Stack Web Designer and Developer in Dallas, Tx

Rhonda Clark, Web Designer/DeveloperI am Rhonda Clark, a Web Designer and Developer who works in Dallas, Texas and surrounding cities. I am comfortable performing Full Stack Development, providing both front-end and back-end website development using industry skills such as PHP, MYSQL, JAVASCRIPT, HTML and CSS.

I am both technical and creative which allows me to solve problems easily. I understand business requirements and am able to translate them into specific solutions.

If you want high quality, rich media websites that not only get attention, but get results, call 817-703-1006.

Websites That Get Results

I have a proven track record of getting SEO results for websites I create:

  • This website is currently found at the top of page 3 IN GOOGLE for anyone looking for a web designer in Dallas. However, this same website is found at the top of page 1 for an exact or targeted search.  By the time you read this, I will have moved up to page 1.
  • A salon website I created is found at the top of page 1 of Google Search results in their target market. The owner states new customers come into the salon every week from the website.
  • The church website I developed is on page 2 for “Dallas area churches.”

My Design Philosophy

  1. I believe every website should conform to a specific objective and set of standards. Decide what the goal or business objective is and develop the site based on this.
  2. I believe the website marketing and design efforts should be coordinated early in the project to avoid rework or duplication of efforts. This will also help to ensure the desired results are obtained.
  3. I believe real users should be involved in the testing process and allowed to provide feedback.

My Process

After gaining an understanding of what the client need is, research is performed and assessments are made in order to come up with the best possible product and desired results.

Prototype. Design. Develop. There are times I may be responsible for an entire site.  In these instances I:

  1. Create design mockups in Photoshop.
  2. Next develop the CSS, HTML, Javascript and/or Jquery to make the site functional. Yes, this would also include testing.
  3. From this point I can develop a custom theme for WordPress out of the HTML mockup.

I am experienced in Server configuration and maintenance, SEO – on page and off-page, and back-end development.

My Experience

I have developed a uniquely diverse set of technical education and experience over the past 15 years which has helped me to grow in my ability to adapt to and stay on top of changing technologies. My main focus over the last 5-7 years has been primarily web design and development, some of which includes video.  I have published 2 apps on the Apple store and currently working on a new one.

I use my skills to merge programming, web and video for what I believe will be the next “BIG” thing.  I am always looking at new digital technologies to stay “in-the-know” and adapt as I see fit.

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The Perfect Project

I consider the perfect web design or development project is one that will allow me to combine design with functionality, solve specific business needs and work with other talent like myself in an environment that promotes creativity.

Recently Worked On . . .

A website project developing websites for a group of doctors in the DFW Metropolitan area. This project involved Front-end Design and back-end development. Modifying a premium theme’s code-base to accommodate business requirements. Maintaining and providing support for the web server. In this role I was able to build a mobile web application for the physicians and implement a 5 star rating module that pulled rating information from another system using Google Schema information. Implemented a Multi-site network of approximately 60 websites.

Currently Working on

Building and maintaining websites for a well-known Non-profit.  I have been able to implement new strategies, ideas and processes to automate tasks, improve efficiency of developing websites.  Worked with IT to build a Multisite web environment.  Re-Architected the web streaming portal to improve ability of viewers to interact with the live stream without leaving the stream. Integrated additional features to facilitate the growth of revenues for the stream channel.